Getting Inside the Gay Marriage Debate

What is it really about? Marriage is a Catholic ritual performed by magician priests who declare they have the power of God to join people in this so-called sacred union. The whole thing is against nature because until a few centuries ago no one really got married. Then the Church saw the benefits of dragging couples into its fold. They are indoctrinated with the idea that because the Church marries them they must bring their offspring into it as well.

There, that’s the problem! Gay couples are not supposed to have children. With modern technology, however, and medical advancements this situation has changed. Using donor eggs or sperm a homosexual can now give birth to its own off-spring. This has changed the situation somewhat. Now some religions are all for couple of this nature being joined.

The Catholic Church, however, has an additional problem. They claim that the New Testament, which was written by Jerome, supports their objection to the proposal. What they don’t tell anyone is that he was the ‘doctor of the church’ who, acting on orders from Damasis, composed the work and put into it what he considered to be essential.

He took the laws, festivals, calendar, instruments, order of service, and the costumes used by the Islamic religion of Babylon, from which the religion grew, and brought them into the faith. The symbols and references still relate to those of Babylon, as shown here

The enormous cover up and deceit exercised within the Vatican is outrageous and while they bitterly protect their claims the facts deny them. There is nothing written anywhere that came from God, except the prophecies in the bible. Even they do not discriminate between the LGBT community and others.

The governments need to wake up to how much they are being use by the religious bigots to stop gay marriage and do some research into why they really oppose it.

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