Getting Inside the Gay Marriage Debate

September 8th, 2017

What is it really about? Marriage is a Catholic ritual performed by magician priests who declare they have the power of God to join people in this so-called sacred union. The whole thing is against nature because until a few centuries ago no one really got married. Then the Church saw the benefits of dragging couples into its fold. They are indoctrinated with the idea that because the Church marries them they must bring their offspring into it as well.

There, that’s the problem! Gay couples are not supposed to have children. With modern technology, however, and medical advancements this situation has changed. Using donor eggs or sperm a homosexual can now give birth to its own off-spring. This has changed the situation somewhat. Now some religions are all for couple of this nature being joined.

The Catholic Church, however, has an additional problem. They claim that the New Testament, which was written by Jerome, supports their objection to the proposal. What they don’t tell anyone is that he was the ‘doctor of the church’ who, acting on orders from Damasis, composed the work and put into it what he considered to be essential.

He took the laws, festivals, calendar, instruments, order of service, and the costumes used by the Islamic religion of Babylon, from which the religion grew, and brought them into the faith. The symbols and references still relate to those of Babylon, as shown here

The enormous cover up and deceit exercised within the Vatican is outrageous and while they bitterly protect their claims the facts deny them. There is nothing written anywhere that came from God, except the prophecies in the bible. Even they do not discriminate between the LGBT community and others.

The governments need to wake up to how much they are being use by the religious bigots to stop gay marriage and do some research into why they really oppose it.

The Three Principles on Which 666 Based His Power Over the World

September 8th, 2017

The man with the number 666 was a Roman Caesar, named Constantine, and he was one of the worst murderers and dictators of all time. Most think of this person as the devil, and he was close to what that entity portrays. What is not known is how he runs the world with God’s help. He established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and employed three principles with which to run his empire. They are based on religion, the law, and the economy.


The religion he established is the Catholic Church, which he brought to life in 325 AD. That was one year after the murder, on his orders, of his eldest son, Crispus, and his mother, Faustus. He is the Second Beast of Revelation 13 and the one chosen by the Spirit of the Universe, the real God, to fulfil a plan to confuse the world.

He restored the Mother God of Babylon, Mary, as the chief God and all Catholics continue to pray to ‘her’. Men died on crosses to ‘marry’ Mary and the basic principle of the religion is to become a god in heaven.

My reincarnation and knowledge that there is no heaven or hell has confirmed that everyone has reincarnated (Job 5:19-21). This is what the Vatican, which was built by the Emperor, banned in the 5th CAD to preserve its lies.


The law he set in place concerns inheritance and the succession of kings. His parliament of bishops was the power he required to implement it. They had the right to order torture and death to anyone who did not obey the religion or who failed to worship the image of Jesus Christ, which he put up.

This body answered to Constantine, who was the Pontificate Maximus (first Pope). Under his orders they destroyed records, invented such things as the New Testament (done through Jerome) and brought the Islamic religion back to life through the deceit they engaged in.

The symbols the church uses are still those from Babylon, the home of Islam.

One can see them on this site


The economy is still structured in the same manner as Constantine ordered. A percentage of one’s wages is taken as taxes. The state is responsible for development of land and those who conduct businesses follow his guidance.

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the number of the beast, or the number of his name… and his number is six hundred, three score, and six” Revelation 13:17,18


Confusion reigns about whether there is a God and who it is. Most people think of it as the prophet Jesus Christ, which was Constantine’s invention (ibid:15). They go to the image of the man on the cross and pray for help, but they receive nothing in return. Those who worship this image are more likely to suffer hardship, disease, loss, or death.

The world is now facing a major crisis as the last days’ approach. This is what the goal was from the start and the Second Beast is a major part of that scenario. Only those with the Spirit of God within them know to come away from religions and seek the real power for help.